Even though the hosting service provided by the different companies is virtually the same, each provider has got a customized platform with its own modifications and different ways to perform specific things. Because of this, an info-stuffed knowledge base will be very helpful both for persons with little to no previous experience and for technically trained users who will eventually learn how given procedures are accomplished, but will waste precious time in the process. The objective of such a knowledge base is to make the service fast and simple to use, saving users plenty of time and efforts. The result is more contented clients, since they can quickly find the info they’re searching for, and much less work for the help desk support staff representatives, because usually the vast majority of the inquiries and difficulties that clients have are already outlined in the knowledge base. Provided that the articles are adequately written and encompass more topics, you’ll be able to get to know more not only about your own account, but also about the hosting service as a whole.
Extensive Online Documentation in Website Hosting
All Linux website hosting that we’re offering include an in-depth knowledge base where you can find all you should know about your web hosting account. Irrespective of whether you need to create a new MySQL database, to forward a domain using an .htaccess file or to create an e-mail account on your PC or smartphone, you can simply check our step-by-step help articles and all the info that you require will be there. When you go to a certain section of your Hepsia Control Panel, you will see articles that are related to the features that you can access through it. If you prefer to check the entire archive of articles and get informed about all the features that Hepsia offers, or only to read generic information about the web hosting service, you can explore the entire knowledge base, which can be accessed via the Help menu in your Control Panel. We’ve done our utmost to cover any complication that you could confront, but if you do not find the info that you’re looking for, you can always get in touch with us, as our help desk support team is on duty 24x7.
Extensive Online Documentation in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Our Linux semi-dedicated hosting feature extensive online documentation where you will find info about all the functions that our custom-built Hepsia hosting Control Panel comes with, as well as solutions to various questions and challenges that you may encounter. All setup manuals contain thorough explanations, which implies that you won’t have to worry about overlooking something if you would like to export a database, for example. The troubleshooting articles include a variety of different viable causes of given problems and the solution for each one of them, so if you’re not able to send email messages although you have the right SMTP server settings, for example, you can quickly see what the reason for this may be and rectify the issue with two or three clicks in your email client. As the Hepsia Control Panel has quite a few features, you will be able to find relevant articles in each single section. In case you’d like to browse all help articles, click on the Help link, which is located in the top right-hand side of the window.