If you ever experience a problem with your site and are unable to resolve it, ask the respective hosting provider’s customer support staff to assist you to get the website back online. A speedy resolution would be the perfect scenario, but lots of companies reply within 24 hours or even more, particularly if you are doing business with a hosting reseller. Even if your problem can be swiftly fixed, your website may not work properly or may not be accessible at all for a lengthy time interval, so you may lose potential customers as it is pretty unlikely that anyone will ever return to a website that is inoperational. Therefore, you need to make certain not only that you can touch base with your web hosting company, but also that they can answer and help you in a timely manner. If a software app update does not go as planned or if you delete something incidentally, for instance, the site should be fixed promptly so as to prevent long unavailability.
One-Hour Response Guarantee in Website Hosting
Our guaranteed max response time for any customer support ticket that you submit or any e-mail that you send is only one hour, even if you contact us on weekends and legal holidays. Irrespective of the nature of your enquiry or problem, we’ll help you instantaneously and will provide you with the necessary information to troubleshoot any problem with your websites. The actual reaction time normally doesn’t surpass 15 to 20 minutes, which goes to say that you can forget about waiting around for hours on end to get an issue solved or even worse – waiting around all day only to receive a reply that more info is required while nothing is resolved. We will offer you assistance in no time because we know exactly how invaluable time can be in the dynamic online world. The sixty-minute response time guarantee applies to any billing or technical question that you may have in regard to our Linux website hosting.
One-Hour Response Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Because we realize precisely how vital it is to obtain timely support, we guarantee that you will never need to wait around for more than one hour to get an answer to any trouble ticket that you post through your semi-dedicated server CP. In fact, you’ll seldom have to wait for more than twenty-thirty minutes and this is valid for any question regardless of its nature – general, technical or billing. Moreover, our customer and tech support staff is working 24 hours a day, which is the reason why even if you submit a ticket during legal holidays, you’ll always obtain a lightning-fast response, which will contain the answer to a question, the solution to a problem or the info required to solve an issue yourself – if there’s something that you have to do on your end. With us, you’ll never need to waste a day hanging around waiting for a response like you would with lots of other companies.